The Energy Challenge



Electricity plays a major role and in our daily lives; it is quite simply indispensable. For instance, a power failure can completely upend our daily routine and a run-down cell phone battery means that we are cut off from others. The TSC-4061-2 course deals with energy, its transfer, its transformation and its use. You will also become familiar with the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism by studying issues and technological applications that centre on a common theme: the energy challenge.


In this course, through seven learning sequences, you will learn new concepts and how to apply them competently. The competencies to be developed are: Seeks answers or solutions to scientific or technological problems; Makes the most of his/her knowledge of science and technology; and Communicates in the languages used in science and technology. You will carry out four types of activities in this regard: knowledge-acquisition activities, experimental activities, discovery-based activities and expertise-based activities. These activities deal with various issues such as the different technologies used to produce electricity and their effects on the environment and human health. Each learning sequence ends with a set of integration exercises and a list of knowledge acquired. A self-evaluation activity and three scored activities will allow you to assess your knowledge of and competencies with respect to the subject matter.


Adults wishing to complete the Science and Technology (ST) program or the Applied Science and Technology (AST) program
Duration: 50 hours
Number of units: 2





Corrections time

20 minutes each on average


Passing mark for scored acitivities: 60% Passing mark for certification examination: 60%


Author(s): Interscience

Production date: February 2014