Propos liés à l’environnement physique et social



This course prepares the adult learner to communicate, ask for and understand basic information related to his physical and social environment. Through real-life situations, the adult learner will improve his oral and written language proficiency.


This course is comprised of 18 learning situations related to the adult learner’s physical and social environment, and includes topics such as: • the climate; • countries around the world; • food and clothing customs at home and abroad; • urban and rural environments; • social gatherings; • cultural events; • weather conditions. A Website with audio files completes the course. Go to:


All adult learners who wish to pass their Secondary 1 French, Second Language.


None, but it is strongly recommended that the adult learner complete the FRE-1103-3 course prior to taking this course, or that he or she have equivalent knowledge.


The evaluation activities are an integral part of the learning process. Reproduction of these documents is authorized for any adult education centre using this learning guide. Download them free of charge from:
Duration: 75 hours
Number of units: 3




25% for each of the four evaluation activities.

Corrections time

One hour for each of the four evaluation activities, including the explanations and the written comments.



Author(s): Annik Bève et al.

Production date: November 2011