From Confederation to the Present (2nd edition)



This is the revised and expanded 2nd edition of the second course of the History of Québec and Canada, which sets out the great moments of the history of Québec and Canada from the negotiations leading to Confederation to the modern period. The economic context, social evolution and ideological conflicts are all presented.

The 2nd edition guide is complete in itself and includes theory and exercises, as well as review exercises, synthesis sections, and a summary for each chapter.


• Introduction to the discipline of history. Situating the course in time.
• The origins of Confederation. International context, economic issues, political crisis in
United Canada. The First Nations in the 19th century.
• Canada at the end of the 19th century. The first phase of industrialization in Québec.
• Canada under Laurier. World War I. The second phase of industrialization.
• The Great Depression, its causes, and social and political consequences.
• World War II and its repercussions in Québec.
• The Duplessis Regime and its policies. The post-war context. Opposition movements.
• The Quiet Revolution (1960-1966). The return of the Union Nationale (1966-1970).
• The Bourassa (1970-1976) and Lévesque (1976-1980) governments. The first referendum.
• Evolution of the political situation and patriation of the constitution to the second
referendum on sovereignty.


All students registered in Adult Education.


(However, it is strongly recommended to have previously completed the HIS-4016 course.)

Duration: 50 hours
Number of units: 2




25% for Assignment 1
25% for Assignment 2
50% for Assignment 3

Corrections time

20 minutes (estimate for Assignments 1 and 2)
40 minutes (estimate for Assignment 3)
including explanations and written comments


Exam 60%
Supervised uniform examination produced by GRICS (BIM)


Author(s): Benoit Renaud

Production date: January 2001