Explorer l’histoire et la culture



Explorer l’histoire et la culture is the last of four courses for Secondary IV French as a Second Language. The workbook covers learning situations related to everyday life that facilitate the acquisition and use of competencies in French as a Second Language.


The workbook presents three learning situations titled respectively, “Je me souviens”, “Laissez-moi vous raconter son histoire” and “Le jeu-questionnaire”. For each learning situation, the student will have to complete a task that develops the required competencies.


Adult students who wish to complete the Secondary French as a Second Language program or who wish to improve their French language skills.


The pre-requisite for this course is FRE-4103-1 or its equivalent.


The scored activities are an integral part of the proposed learning approach. Their reproduction is authorized for any adult education centre using them. You may either purchase them or download them free of charge from the following address: http://cours1.sofad.qc.ca/ressources/
Duration: 25 hours
Number of units: 1



33 1/3 % per assignment

Corrections time

30 minutes


The passing grade for the scored activities is 60%. The passing grade for the end of course evaluation is 60%.


Author(s): Guylaine Cardinal

Production date: June 2015