English and Plays



English and Plays is a 25-hour course, the first of three in Secondary V English Language Arts. To achieve the two targeted competencies, learners are guided in learning about theatre and in developing and performing a scene. The learners will read, listen to, and watch a variety of short plays and scenes. They will learn about characters, stakes and conflicts and see how this can relate to their personal experience. By the end of the course, the adult learners will apply the communication conventions (proper enunciation, pitch, rhythm) in performing a scene. Accompanying video and audio resources are available online.


Each learning situation (LS) in this guide includes activities that relate to real-life contexts. The activities will help learners develop the competencies for this course. LS 1: Deciding what makes a good play and examining the literary aspects of plays LS 2: Analyzing and discussing how the setting of a play can affect its social message and its relevance LS 3: Using creativity to generate ideas and a to write a short scene or monologue LS 4: Performing a short scene of monologue and making decisions about lighting, costumes, sound effects, and voice


Adult learners who need to do the Secondary V English Language Arts program


Equivalent to Secondary IV level


A Teacher/Tutor Guide is available for the Evaluation Situations. Please contact Customer Service at info@sofad.qc.ca. The SOFAD website includes audio and video clips along with 3 learning evaluation situations.
Duration: 25 hours
Number of units: 1





Corrections time

Evaluation Situation 1: 15 minutes per learner Evaluation Situation 2: 10 minutes per learner


In conformity with the Definition of the Evaluation Domain. Analyzing theatrical elements, theme, message. Performing a scene.


Author(s): Heather Davis, Mikaela Davies, Wendy Sturton

Production date: December 2016