English and Persuasion



English and Persuasion is a 75-hour course, the third of three Secondary III English Language Arts courses. To achieve the three competencies of the course, adult learners will analyze a variety of persuasive texts (ads, opinion texts, letters of complaints) and learn how to create their own persuasive texts by applying the communication conventions for these texts. Accompanying video and audio resources are available online.


Situation 1: Analyzing advertising and its influence on the way people shop and use services. Covers target audience, principles of design, public service announcements, sexism. Situation 2: Creating a variety of ads to understand how language is used to persuade. Includes the use of body language, voice, images, colours. Situation 3: Analyzing how people write opinion texts, evaluating the strength of arguments. Includes a comparison of reviews, blogs and other opinion pieces. Situation 4: Producing a variety of opinion texts, providing support with persuasive details, and concluding convincingly. Situation 5: Analyzing letters of complaint and proper tone. Assesses the validity of complaints. Situation 6: Applying the steps needed to write a persuasive letter of complaint. Includes formal language.


Adult learners who need to do the Secondary 3 English Language Arts program.


Equivalent to Sec 2 level and preferably ENG-3101-1 and 3102-2.


A Teacher / Tutor Guide is available for the Scored Activites. Please contact our Customer Service at info@sofad.qc.ca.
Duration: 75 hours
Number of units: 3




33.3% each

Corrections time

Approximately 45 minutes per student


Passing grade = 60%


Author(s): Heather Davis and collaborators

Production date: April 2015