Chemistry: Gases and Energy



The “Chemistry: Gases and Energy” course is the first of two courses in the Secondary V chemistry program. Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the way in which the elements interact, combine and form new substances. In this learning guide, we will be investigating the behaviour and physical properties of gases, and the chemical processes that involve gases. We will then look at heat, tranfers in heat energy and the changes in energy that occurs in chemical reactions.


This guide consists of six learning sequences which are designed to help you to acquire new knowledge and to apply it competently. The new knowledge you will acquire that is related to the material world is divided into three core concepts: the chemical properties of gases, which focus on their reactivity; the physical properties of gases, which explain how the physical characteristics of a gas are interrelated; and, lastly, the energy involved in chemical reactions, which we will examine in terms of heat and chemical energy. The competencies will be developped by carrying out tasks and techniques in experimental activities, such as finding the acetic acid concentration of white vinegar, or by completing tasks related to complex, real-life situations, such as designing a container for an antibiotic. These new knowledge and competencies will also come into play in four scored activities and a self-evaluation activity.


Anyone wishing to obtain a Diploma of Secondary Studies (DSS) and to continue their studies at the college level in certain general education or technical programs.


Required knowledges and competencies in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science and Technology (Secondary 4 level). In this program, the course CHE-5061-2 must be taken first.
Duration: 50 hours
Number of units: 2




Corrections time

30 minutes each on average


The passing grade for the scored activities is 60%. The passing grade for the end of course evaluation is 60%.


Author(s): Judith Sévigny

Production date: June 2016